The Most Debt-Ridden Cities

Cities in Red

The recession may technically have ended, but that doesn't mean that Americans aren't still making up for past mistakes. As of the last quarter of 2010, the Federal Reserve found that outstanding credit card debt in the nation totaled $790 billion, a number that gets a bit scarier when you start to break down what it means state by state or, worse, city by city. New research conducted by credit reporting agency Equifax found that residents in many major metropolitan areas collectively owe between 12% to 17% of their yearly incomes to creditors. And while no one region is responsible for the bulk of the unpaid bills, six states - Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Washington and California - have been particularly hard-hit by their poor use of credit. People in California, for example, have a total of $90,566,978,302 in unpaid credit card balances on the books at the end of the third quarter of 2010. But drilling down, what major cities are the furthest in the red? Photo Credit: valeblos