The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Risky Workplace

You think your workplace is tough? Just compare it to these jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor recently released data for the number of injuries and illnesses that occurred on the job for local government employees in 2008. Teachers, fire fighters, nurses and many other professions make the list. While this doesn’t include private sector positions, these statistics are a good indication of which jobs are the most dangerous in this country. We should also make clear up front that the rankings on this list are based on the total number of incidents logged, rather than the percentage of workers who got hurt. So unfortunately one uber clutz could inflate the numbers a bit, but it’s the breakdown of the risks facing each profession that paint a really fascinating picture. Here are the top 20 most dangerous professions in local government based on the total number of reported injuries and illnesses that resulted in days off from work. Photo Credit: phil_g