The Most Crime-Ridden States in America

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union...

Americans, united by an ethos of individual freedom and opportunity, are almost as different from one other as they are from people on the other side of the globe; ask a New Yorker what they have in common with a Texan and you might get a gun pulled on you. Put a Minnesotan in a room with a Georgian and you might need a translator. Within states, things are not so homogeneous either. With disparate groups living side by side and struggling for the same scarce resources (with continuing recession making them scarcer), conflict is a part of life and states deal with their populations in different ways. Some, like California, put them all in jails. Some, like Vermont, put them in rehabilitation programs. All of them share the same goal, though: protecting their citizens in the most effective way possible. The new 2010 State Crime Rankings from CQ Press, released last month, show a nation that has certainly not developed any widespread best practices for combating crime. Some parts of the country exist in relative idyllic harmony while others rape and murder each other with what looks like reckless abandon in comparison. The study looked at incidences of six violent crimes (rape, murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and vehicle theft) in every state per 100,000 residents and then compared those numbers to national averages. We’ll start with the 10 most criminal states and end with the most peaceful, going from coast to coast and everything in between. Photo Credit: murplejane

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