The Most Counterfeited Products


Counterfeiting is usually associated with guys in trench coats selling fake Rolexes or Louis Vuitton handbags on New York street corners. And while luxury watches are indeed a popular item among counterfeiters, the practice hardly ends there. To find out how deep the knock-off rabbit hole goes, we spoke to Bill Patterson of OpSec Security, which provides global anti-counterfeiting solutions to brands in various sectors. As he explained, it’s not just brands that need to worry about counterfeiting. It’s also consumers, who not only overpay for cheap knockoffs but can also be physically harmed by cheap imitations of pharmaceuticals and perfume. And while some counterfeit items are easy to spot, others can look amazingly close to the real thing, at least to the untrained eye. “Counterfeit goods run the same gamut of quality levels that you’ll find among retail items that you find in stores,” he explains. “You will find some counterfeiters that just slap a coach label on a bag, but you’d say, ‘there’s no way that’s real.’ There are others that can be more challenging.” Here are 8 of the products that get counterfeited most frequently, according OpSec. Photo Credit: priceminister