The Least Diverse States in America

Tossing Out the Tossed Salad

With a biracial president in the White House, as well as gender and ethnic diversity on the Supreme Court, it’s clear that diversity and multiculturalism are important values for Americans. But regionalism and states’ rights are also fundamental values of the U.S., and for good reason: States can be as different from each other as the U.S. is as a whole from other countries. Those differences apply to the demographics of the local population as well. Previously, MainStreet looked at the most diverse states in the U.S. Now, we use the same methodology to look at the least diverse. To compare the diversity of all states in the union and Washington, D.C., we looked at the least recent figures from the American Community Survey (2009) and compared three-year averages for each state’s white population (based on the size of the nonwhite population), foreign-born population (to get the population from other countries regardless of race) and mixed-race population (based on people who claimed two or more races). The combination of all three rankings determined a state’s position on this list. We count down from 10 to one, so read to the end to find the least diverse state in the U.S. Photo Credit: OregonDOT