How to Make the Most of the Extra Day This Year

Use the Leap Day to Leap Ahead on Your To-Do List

Don’t buy the hype: Leap days are terrible. Every four years, we create an extra day just to keep our calendar from falling out of alignment with the seasons. Yet, inexplicably, we add that day to what is often the coldest month of the year as if we all want to make the winter just a little bit longer. And of course, more often than not, the leap day ends up falling during the work week, which means salaried employees have to put in an extra 9-to-5 shift at the office in February without actually making any extra money. Despite all of this though, the leap day does offer us the promise of an extra 24 hours we wouldn’t otherwise have, and while much of that time will be spent at work, everyone will still have at least a few hours before and after to do whatever they want. With that in mind, here are a few simple things you can do with that time to help your finances, improve your job search and maybe even make a little extra cash. Photo Credit: amandabhslater