How to Get Yourself on TV

The Power of TV

As seen on TV—it’s a phrase that helps sell and it lends credibility to your business or your personal brand. The average American watches more than 151 hours of TV a month, which breaks down to more than 37 hours per week… practically a full-time job. How can you get yourself in front of this massive and captive audience? The key, of course, is to catch the attention of a news or talk show producer. We spoke to a MSNBC morning show host and producer to bring you some of the sure-fire ways to get on TV and look good in the process. We also spoke to Amber Ettinger, A.K.A. Obama Girl, who’s managed to get herself on TV a lot. She shares some of what she’s learned, and we’ve also found a few other valuable pointers too. Photo Credit: Matti Mattila