How to Get Everything for Less

Get It For Less: 2011 Edition

Earlier this year, MainStreet launched a new weekly series called Get It for Less in which we highlight proven strategies to save money when shopping for everyday products even when it seems like the deals are hard to find. In most cases, all it takes to save big on a purchase is knowing which stores offer the best prices and at what time of year (or even what day of the week) you’re likely to find discounts. Other times, the trick is knowing what tools to use to find the right deals and when to ask a retailer for a discount. If there’s one guiding philosophy behind the series, it’s our belief that consumers should never pay full price for a product because chances are there is always a better price somewhere. As the year comes to a close, we decided to highlight some of our favorite tips to help you save a little money during the holidays and beyond. If there’s a particular product or service you’d like to see us cover in the coming year, let us know in the comments section! Photo Credit: