How to Beat Baggage Fees

Fee Outrage

Baggage fees and other charges may be a profit engine for the airlines, but they have air travelers steamed. Luggage charges topped a list of travel annoyances in a recent Consumer Reports poll, and earlier this month travelers began fighting back against hidden fees with an online petition and a push for legislation. These fees can run from $20-$25 for the first bag and another $25-$35 if you check a second. For a round trip with two checked bags, that’s another $100 or more to add to the final bill. No wonder people are so angry. To hear the controversy raging around baggage fees, you could be forgiven for thinking that paying to check your luggage had become an unavoidable fact of air travel. Yet seasoned travelers still have plenty of clever methods for ducking these pricey fees, from taking advantage of promotions to ditching the bags altogether. Photo Credit: geishaboy500