The Highest Taxes in the World

Tax rates are higher, in some places

Put away those tea bags and confusing posters. The U.S., as it turns out, might not have it so bad tax-wise when compared to other major modern nations. Despite what Glenn Beck would have you believe. Here’s a rundown of countries’ average "all-in" income tax rates by family type, from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. Data is for the year 2008, the most recent numbers available from the organization. UPDATE: The Comment Board is lighting up over this article so we want to be perfectly clear. These rankings and the rates we calculated by the OECD - The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development - here's the full study, and a link to the particular data set we used.  These stats represent "all in" contributions, not just federal taxes... "The all-in tax rate, calculated as the combined central and sub-central government income tax plus employee social security contribution, as a percentage of gross wage earnings." Photo Credit: Getty Images