The Highest-Paid CEOs of Poorly Rated Charities

You Give, They Get

To give is to receive, and it’s fair to say that donors who give to charitable organizations are interested in what the leaders of those organizations receive. Nobody would be surprised that charities work in many ways similar to corporations, and share a need to attract top leadership in whatever way they can. An experienced and well-connected CEO can bring both good management and wealthy contributors, but they don’t come cheap. Last year we looked at the charity CEOs who take in the most cash overall and found a mixed bag of organizations of varying quality. This time, with the help of leading charity-rating organization, we limit the pool to charities with two-star ratings or below (out of four) that pay their dear leaders more than half a million dollars annually. Here we look at the top 10 CEO salaries to give donors an idea of where at least some of their charitable dollars are going. Photo Credit: plenty.r.