The Healthiest States in America

Passing the Health Bar

Every year, the United Health Care Foundation releases its rankings of the most and least healthy states in the U.S. The report, meant to help communities identify and subsequently improve how they address major health problems in the community, shows that while some states are doing better than others, none are the picture of perfect health. In fact, as Dr. Reed Tuckson, chief of Medical Affairs for UnitedHealth and board member of the UnitedHealth Foundation, points out, even the nation’s healthiest state (keep clicking to find out which state it is) is struggling with obesity, with nearly 24% of its population qualifying. Other universal problems in the U.S. include a rise in the population afflicted with diabetes (related to the prevailing obesity epidemic), a high number of preventable hospitalizations and still-too-high levels of tobacco use. >>Check out our video with Tuckson here for more on what trends continue to negatively influence our country’s overall fitness and how they impact health care costs. Photo Credit:  sunshinecity