Gourmet Coffee for the Budget-Conscious

Gourmet for Every Day

Who doesn’t like waking up to the freshly brewed aroma of gourmet coffee, or just enjoying a hot cup of joe as an afternoon pick-me-up? January is Coffee Gourmet International Month, an event “dedicated to introducing coffee lovers everywhere to the pleasures of truly gourmet coffee.” Coffee has come a long way since we were kids waking up to the percolator producing a pot of roasted goodness, and today coffee lovers have the option to customize every step of the process – roasting and grinding their own beans at home or brewing one of the thousand blends of gourmet coffee either by the pot or by the cup. We took a look at the best gourmet coffees for budget-conscious drinkers and spoke to some experts to find out how to save on your favorite blend. Photo Credit: Getty Images