Is Google Evil? 12 Incriminating Facts

Does Google Need to Do Some Soul Searching?

It's a strange thing to try Googling the phrase "Google Secrets." It’s like walking into a fast food restaurant and asking them to list off all their health violations. Awkward. So I switched to Yahoo (Stock Quote: YHOO) and Bing (Stock Quote: MSFT) to research much of this article. There is no question that Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) is a dominant force in today’s world. It was the most visited site in the U.S. every day of last year, with the exception of Christmas, when Facebook managed to beat it out. But the question is whether Google has become too powerful to be good. Google certainly doesn’t hide the fact it is a big business, but it does try to come off as a more benevolent business by clinging to its motto, “Don't Be Evil.” As they say in their code of conduct, these words mean “following the law, acting honorably and treating each other with respect.” But does it actually live up to those criteria?