Famous Resumes: What Job Seekers Can Learn

Resume Mistakes of the Rich and Famous

Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only social networks that are home to some of the country’s most famous men and women. Many politicians, movie stars, business owners and other well-known figures also have profiles on LinkedIn, a career-oriented social networking site. Of all the users on LinkedIn, these celebrities likely have the least need to network and find jobs, but their profiles nonetheless offer a rare glimpse into the resumes of the rich and famous, and while their careers may be worth emulating, their resumes often aren’t. MainStreet asked two career experts to analyze the LinkedIn profiles of some of America’s most famous workers to find lessons for average job hunters. As an aside, we should note that most of these profiles are probably not managed by the individual themselves, and unfortunately, unlike Twitter, LinkedIn does not verify that these accounts are held by the individual in question. Photo Credit: Image Editor