Extra Fees: What Airlines Really Charge

Where Passengers Pay the Most Fees

Airline fees have come to plague many travelers in recent years. Simple perks that passengers had long been accustomed to, like receiving a free blanket and pillow or checking a single piece of luggage, are now luxuries that airlines charge for in order to boost profits. Unfortunately, every major airline is guilty of charging at least some fees, but as government data show, some airlines are significantly worse than others. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics ranked the 10 domestic airlines that earned the highest revenue from extra fees in the third quarter of 2009, and used this data to find how much passengers on each of these airlines paid on average for extra charges. The charges included in these statistics are baggage fees and  reservation change fees, as well as pet transportation costs, charges associated with redeeming frequent flier miles and standby passenger fees. The silver lining to this story, if there is one, is that most customers seem to be able to avoid the majority of extra airline fees by planning ahead. Otherwise, the average fees paid per passenger would certainly be much higher than they are here. Photo Credit: Getty Images