Endangered Professions: 25 Declining Jobs

Out of Luck

The economy may be growing again, but some industries will only continue to erode in the next decade due to changes in technologyand demand, and in some cases, more foreign competition. The U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS) recently released their predictions for how the work force will look in 2018. Here are the industries that are expected to eliminate the most positions from now through 2018. In some cases, this cut represents just a small percentage of the total number of jobs available in that industry. However, many of the industries on this list are cutting anywhere from a quarter to a third of all available positions. So if you see your job on this list, perhaps it may be time for a career change. However, if any of these jobs do interest you despite their bad outlook, one thing to keep in mind is that none of them require any advanced degrees, just varying amounts of on-the-job training. Photo Credit: slushpup