The Dumbest Facebook Mistakes

Is Facebook Your Friend?

In the six years since it first launched, Facebook has grown from a small community of college users to a vast network of millions. Just in the last year, Facebook’s user base expanded from 150 million “active users” worldwide to more than 400 million. It’s long since passed MySpace for social networking dominance and recently passed Yahoo as the second most popular Web site, after Google. Yet, for all its popularity, Facebook still poses certain risks. Of course there are scammers and predators on this site, but many of the risks are due to something less nefarious: an unwritten code of conduct about who you should and shouldn’t be friends with, and what kind of content you should feel comfortable posting. Here are some of the dumbest mistakes that we could find from current (and former) Facebook users, as well as the real world repercussions that occurred because of these errors. Photo Credit: daveynin