Dirt Cheap Meals That Don't Taste Like Dirt

Economic Dinners Your Kids Will Love – And You Will, Too

We’ve all read the studies: families who eat dinner together raise kids who are less likely to be ax murderers, more likely to get into bragging-rights colleges and won’t leave us penniless and alone in our old age. So how do you prepare nutritious dinners that the kids will actually eat without whining, that you’ll enjoy, too – and that won’t require selling the heirloom china? Here are some great-tasting recipes that won’t cost a lot, that use relatively few ingredients – which you either already have at home or can find easily in any supermarket – and that are quick and easy. Trust me, if I find them quick and easy, you will, too. Good, fast and cheap. The holy trinity of family dinners. Read on. Photo: gregor_y