The Coolest Credit Card Perks

Access to Excess

You may not know this, but credit cards don’t only get cardholders cash-back or help them earn frequent-flier miles. Credit card companies are increasingly partnering with different venues and organizations to offer cardholders VIP access to sold-out concerts, in-demand sporting events, fashion shows and much more. Issuers say experiential offerings are in response to requests from their customer base. “Through our regular dialogue with card members about what types of benefits they would like to receive, the idea of access came to be,” says Terry O’Neil, executive vice president of Citi Cards. He explains that while Citi (Stock Quote: C) has offered experiences since 2006, traffic to its Private Pass website where the VIP packages, preferred seating and pre-sale events tickets are sold has increased exponentially during the past few years. “It’s mission critical to tap into what matters most to our card members,” echoes Jennifer Murillo, vice president of brand communications for Discover Financial Services. Murillo says Discover’s (Stock Quote: DFS) existing partnerships are determined through market research and validated through the responses it receives once the events are publicized. Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik