The Cheapest Halloween Candy

Penny Candy No More

There’s nothing like the thrill of trick-or-treating when you’re a kid, but for the adults who answer the doorbell, those bowls of candy can make a dent in household finances. To make sure you have enough candy for trick-or-treaters without breaking the bank, MainStreet did some calculations based on candy sold at CVS this week. To run the numbers, we divided the retail price (sales and promotions were not factored in) of each pack by the number of pieces contained per pack. We only considered big-name candy makers, rather than generic brands, and did not include variety packs. Here are the cheapest candy packs you can buy, based on how much each piece of candy will cost you. And if there’s any left over, be sure to sneak some for yourself. We promise not to tell. Photo Credit: andrechinn