The Priciest Baseball Parks in America

One game, many flavors

America’s pastime has been around for at least 150 years, but even after all that time, it’s amazing how inconsistent the game is. Sure, the rules of baseball are well-established — if you don’t consider the fact that pitchers have to bat in the National League while their American League counterparts get to relax as a veiny designated hitter takes his place at the plate. But a home run is a home run is a home run, right? Well not exactly. A home run does indeed refer to any ball hit over the outfield wall, but all walls are not created equal. A batter in Boston only needs 302 feet to hit a homer in right field, while Houston’s center field wall, the farthest in the majors at 436 feet from home plate, proves the maxim that everything is bigger in Texas. And the discrepancies don't end there. The price of admission to a major league game, as well as the cost of some of the requisite munchies, varies greatly depending on the franchise. Photo Credit: