14 Cars Fit for Retirees

What Makes a Car Good for Seniors?

As you age, your needs change — and that includes the sorts of things you need in a car. You want the best bang for your buck in terms of vehicles that offer comfort, control and visibility. From cars designed to help ease arthritis and joint pain to cars that can cater to vision issues and mobility, here are 14 vehicles ideal for seniors. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Ford Taurus

The latest Taurus features a huge trunk for the traveler, a big cabin to accommodate you in comfort, rear parking sensors, and voice activation of cell phones and iPods through the Sync multimedia system. You can also use memory settings if there are two drivers, and enjoy the all-wheel drive option. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Ford 500

You can adjust the seats easily, as well as adjust the pedals to accommodate any needs you might have with regard to comfort, including tall seating positions. Additionally, rear parking sensors help you maneuver better. This large car also provides a sense of security for seniors who are concerned about safety. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is known for its great reliability, cutting down on worries about being stranded. Other senior-friendly features include a telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth and a navigation system with voice activation. For the environmentally conscious, you can get a hybrid version with all of these perks plus money-saving fuel economy. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Honda Odyssey

This is a great trip vehicle, especially for seniors with grandchildren. You can use the manual lumbar support adjustments for your back, and increase your range of vision with the back-up camera. Parking sensors are available for the front and rear, and Bluetooth connectivity keeps your hands on the wheel and off your cell phone. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Toyota Sienna

Another great travel vehicle for seniors, the Sienna offers plenty of room for human and non-human cargo. Reasonably good fuel efficiency for this type of car can save you money on gas. You can get a rear back-up camera as an option, and the roominess offers you a great deal of comfort. Toyota reliability only adds to the attractions. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Toyota Avalon

Seniors will love the smooth, quiet ride that is a hallmark of the Avalon. Additionally, a telescoping and tilting steering wheel add to comfort, while the heated front seats are soothing on aches and pains. Voice activated navigation and Bluetooth connectivity help with focus on the road, and the back-up camera provides additional visibility. There is also an easy, keyless start, in addition to the good fuel efficiency, reliability and the adaptive cruise control. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Toyota Prius

Hybrid style meets senior functionality in the Prius. There are touchscreen controls, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Senior driving is enhanced by the lane departure warning, back-up camera and advanced parking guidance system found on the 2010 model. The ride is comfortable and the fuel economy can’t be beat. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

BMW 5 Series

The heated seats in the 5 Series adjust 20 different ways so that you get the perfect fit. There is even a soothing massage feature. You can take advantage of the adaptive cruise and voice activated navigation. Additionally, this car comes with Night Vision, front and rear parking sensors, lane departure warning and a back-up camera. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Chrysler 300

This hot car proves that you can still have fun as a senior. There are power adjustable pedals, eight-way power seat adjustments, and a roomy interior for those looking for more comfort. A V-8 version of this car with a 340-horsepower engine adds that extra little kick. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Lexus LS 460

There’s a reason the Lexus is considered a luxury car. Enjoy the finer things with power adjustable lumbar support, memorized settings for up to three drivers, a tilt and telescoping wheel with adaptive cruise control and a huge trunk. Driving is enhanced by the voice activated navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, along with the parking guidance system, back-up camera and keyless start. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Mercedes-Benz S550

This classy car comes with Night Vision, back-up camera, a blind spot warning system and Attention Assist, so it's perfect for those concerned with visibility. There is a 14-way power seat with lumbar adjustment and massage features, as well as plenty of cabin room. Adaptive cruise control helps keep things simple for trips. Keep your hands free for driving with Bluetooth connectivity. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Audi A8

Four large buttons and one knob make it easy to handle suspension, GPS, media and more on the Audi A8, simplifying everything and making it easier on those with arthritis. Audi includes a remote start and massaging adjustable seats. Classic Audi handling and a smooth ride only add to this car's comfort. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Volvo XC60

Special features on this Volvo include Driver Alert Control, City Safety collision warning, blind spot warning, a back-up camera and lane departure warning. You can increase your comfort with power adjustable lumbar support on the eight-way power sear. You can also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and adaptive cruise control along with the telescoping and tilting steering wheel. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Pontiac Montana SV6

One of the coolest features on this vehicle is the optional Sit-N-Lift power seat on the passenger side that is ideal if your partner experiences difficulty getting in and out of cars. The Montana SV6 also features plenty of room and adjustable seats, with ample cargo space. Photo Credit: Wikimedia

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