The Buzzwords That Make You Buy

In Your Head, In Your Wallet

When a company takes out an advertisement, they don’t have much space to convince you to buy their products. If it’s a broadcast spot, they might have 30 seconds to a minute; a print ad, maybe half a page unless they can afford a full-pager. That means they have to choose every word carefully to make the most impact. Often, the people choosing those words know a lot about how to get in your head. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the marketing curriculum at a business school: there’s increasing emphasis on studies of “consumer behavior,” and many of the faculty have backgrounds in psychology. For marketers, it’s all about choosing the words that appeal to basic psychological impulses. To find out the sorts of buzzwords that these marketing minds use to get you to spend your money, we spoke to marketing professors at some of the nation’s top business schools. Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski