The Biggest Consumer Trends of 2012

What Next Year Holds for Shoppers

The shopping experience as we know it may undergo some significant changes next year, at least if one global consumer trends firm turns out to be right. How we pay for products, the way businesses market those products to us and the relationship we have with the big brands in our lives may gradually change in 2012, according to Trendwatching’s annual list of 12 trend predictions that will shape the strategies used by businesses and consumers alike in the year ahead. Many of these changes are already under way – though some are more apparent in businesses abroad – while others may not actually take full effect for months, if even then. Yet each of these trends represents the general direction that consumer culture is likely to head in the future. As 2011 draws to a close, MainStreet picked out six of the firm’s predictions that may have the biggest impact on the way consumers live and shop in 2012 and beyond. Photo Credit: bark