The Best Ways to Use Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Money You Can Use Anywhere

Gift cards are always a popular choice for the holiday season, and for good reason: While simply giving cash is considered by many people to be a tacky and thoughtless gesture, purchasing a gift card at least shows that you have some idea of your recipient’s interests. Unfortunately, this thoughtful gesture doesn’t always hit the mark. The late comedian Mitch Hedberg once pointed out that when you buy someone a gift certificate, you’re essentially taking money they could have spent anywhere and turning it into money they can only use at one store. And if your aunt gave you a gift card to a retailer you don’t even like, you’re now stuck with free money that you can’t really use. The good news is that you’re not actually stuck with it, though. Several services allow you to sell or exchange your gift cards for prices approaching their real value, allowing you to turn them into money you can use anywhere. We looked at what each service offered for your gift cards and picked out the best options. Photo Credit: Getty Images