The Best Stuff to Buy in January

The Shopping Season Continues

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop shopping all together. January can be one of the best months to buy certain items at discounted prices. Here are a few that you should consider adding to your shopping list this month. Photo Credit: mahalie


In January stores clear out their old inventory for new stuff that comes in February. The same thing also happens in July. And because they are more eager to get rid of the furniture on the floor, this means better deals for consumers. Photo Credit: theparrotsgirl

Gym Memberships

Not surprisingly, more people think about joining the gym in the New Year to satisfy their resolutions. (I tried this last year and barely lasted four months before I stopped going all together.) Gyms are very much aware of this fact and try to entice customers with sales during the December and January months. According to the New York Times, this is definitely happening in 2010. “This year the frenzy has been ratcheted up a notch as clubs try to make up for the recession,” the Times reports. Photo Credit:


As we reported recently, the entire travel industry is in a bit of tailspin due to the poor economy and the increased fear of terrorism attacks while flying. In order to compensate for that and the fact that we’re entering the offseason, airlines like JetBlue, Virgin and American are offering some sweet discounts.  And big hotel chains like Hilton are serving up deals, too. Photo Credit: muha...

Digital Cameras

According to GetRichSlowly, there are several big electronics and photo conventions that take place around now, introducing new models. So stores usually discount the previous year’s models. Photo Credit:


If your kids are already tired of the presents they got for the holidays, now may actually be the best time to cave to their demands for more toys. As AOL Shopping reports, toy stores tend to be overstocked from the holiday season and eager to shed their supply at a discounted price. Photo Credit: wirefly


For those of you reading this who aren’t children, January is also a great time to buy jewelry. As AOL notes, jewelry stores tend to mark down prices between the big holidays when there are fewer customers coming in to stores. With Valentines’ Day still more than a month away, now is a great time to get a sparkly gift for your significant other… especially if your holiday gift was lame. Photo Credit: pedrosimoes7

Sporting Goods

Now that we’ve gotten through the toys and jewelry, we can talk about man stuff. According to LifeHacker, January is the best time to buy sporting goods like bicycles and hiking gear. The reason is that this month is when stores start phasing out the Winter supply and ready themselves for spring stuff. Photo Credit: richardmasoner

Air Conditoners

It’s been a cold winter so far (at least here in the Northeast) and an air conditioner is probably the last thing you want right now. But that is precisely the reason you should try to buy one now. MSN reports that demand for these appliances drops in the winter months, so the price drops, too. Photo Credit: carbonNYC

Video Games

Video Game companies ramp up the new releases in time for the holiday season, but once December passes, stores have no choice but to put these games on sale. Photo Credit: 91RS

Gift Cards reports that the best time to buy gift cards is during the few weeks right after Christmas. Here is a good list of cards currently discounted. Photo Credit: robinsonmay


Yahoo Finance refers to this phenomenon as “white sales.” Department stores tend to hold half-off sales this month on all kinds of linens like sheets, blankets and towels. Photo Credit: Posh Living, LLC


There tend to be some great sales on chocolates in January. As the Times Union notes, there’s plenty leftover in the Christmas clearance section. Best of all, after you buy enough chocolate to feed a village of ravenous bears, you can purchase a cheap membership to a gym to work off the calories. Photo Credit:

Wrapping Paper

According to, stores are flooded with wrapping paper after the holiday season ends so it goes on super sale this month. Buy some now so you can get a head start prepping for next year. Photo Credit: dionhinchliffe

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