10 Best Stores for Customer Service

Great Shopping Experiences

The holiday season can be a stressful time to go shopping, with all the crowds rummaging for deals around you. But one thing can make the experience tolerable: quality customer service. This month, the National Retail Federation put out its annual list of the 10 stores with the best customer service, based on surveys of more than 9,000 shoppers. Consumers were asked a simple open-ended question: “Thinking of all the different retail formats (store, catalog, internet or home shopping), which retailer delivers the best customer service?” In total, the NRF ranked 46 stores, and will release that data in January. For now, here are the 10 best stores for customer service, listed alphabetically rather than by rank, as well as some background information about what makes their customer service better than most. Let us know in the comments which of the stores on this list would be your personal pick, or if there’s another store which you believe deserves to be singled out for customer service. Photo Credit: Getty Images