5 Second Careers Baby Boomers Should Consider

Business Booming?

The generation that once declared it would never grow up is now refusing to conform to the stereotype of grandma and grandpa spending their retirement years in rocking chairs. According to research from the AARP, 40% of baby boomers feel they will not have enough money to maintain their standard of living for retirement, and even if they do feel they will have sufficient funds for retirement, an AARP poll shows that 50% of boomers want to continue working or even start businesses. According to research conducted at Boston College for the Census Bureau, the average age for retirement is rising. Since the 1990s, the average retirement age for men has risen to 64 from 62 and to 62 from 60 for women. That is only expected to rise, as the AARP poll shows that the 50% of boomers who want to continue working plan on doing it well into their 70s and beyond. Boomers don’t want to just keep working, the studies reveal, they want to do something that promotes a life-long passion or that can make a difference in the world. We looked at some of the best options for boomers, along with the average expected starting salary for each. Photo Credit: Getty Images