The Best Retailers for Free Samples

Where You Can Score Freebies

Shopping online may be more convenient and even cheaper at times than shopping in-store, but the in-store shopping experience will always be better in at least one way: Consumers can score free samples while they shop. Sure, some websites may throw in a discounted add-on item with your purchase, but at countless bricks-and-mortar stores you can sample products while you shop without actually having to commit to making a purchase. At some stores, the free sample may just be a sliver of food, while at others it could end up being an entire meal. Oftentimes, the trick to finding the best free samples is simply good timing. The best opportunities for scoring freebies tend to be when a company is introducing a new product in the store, according to Julia Scott, who blogs about deals at Likewise, when the seasons change, she says there is a better chance of stores rolling out more free samples for new and in-demand products. And if that fails, stores commonly provide freebies to customers who provide their email address or start following the company on Facebook and Twitter. However, certain retailers are generous enough with their free samples that you won’t need to resort to these tactics. MainStreet asked several shopping experts to weigh in on their favorite stores for landing free stuff on a regular basis without having to make a purchase. Photo Credit: Panegyrics of Granovetter