The Best Restaurant Chains to Work For

The Best Casual Dining Jobs

Green jobs and health care positions may be the jobs of the future, but neither comes close to the levels of employment seen in the food services industry. Food preparation workers and waiters were found to be two of the occupations that employed the largest number of workers last year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and unfortunately, these and other restaurant positions ranked among the worst paying jobs as well. While working in a restaurant may not be an ideal job for someone aiming for a career in other industries, many of us have worked these jobs as either part-time or full-time employment to make ends meet in this tough economy. With that in mind, MainStreet partnered with, a job search engine, to find the best restaurant chains to work for. Glassdoor asks current and former employees from a wide range of businesses to rate their experience by a number of criteria including work/life balance, compensation and benefits and the quality of management, and to rate the company overall from one to five (with five being the best.) Glassdoor used this data to find the 10 casual dining restaurants with the highest overall ratings, each of which have been reviewed by at least 20 employees. When possible, Glassdoor supplied data on average hourly wages for servers working there, which we used to break any ties. It should be noted that none of these restaurant chains had an excellent rating (in the four to five range) that could compete with the quality of the work experience at many tech and financial services companies, which tend to get the highest ratings. That said, the employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor provide a detailed snapshot of the pros and cons of working at each of these dining establishments, which could help inform the job seeker’s decision on where to work next. Photo Credit: russelljsmith