The Best Fireworks Under $50

The Big Bang

Ordinary consumers certainly don’t have the budgets that states and cities do for their annual fireworks displays, but that doesn’t mean people looking to put on nice show from their backyard need to empty their savings accounts. “Fifty dollars can go a long way if you’re smart with your money,” Michael Ingram, director of development for the Fireworks Supermarket, tells MainStreet. To help those committed to putting on a showy, but affordable display this Fourth of July, MainStreet asked a few fireworks retailers to recommend some of their best products. Keep in mind that both the use and sale of fireworks is restricted or just downright illegal in several states, so check your local laws before putting on your own show this year. And be careful: In 2009 fireworks caused nearly 9,000 injuries, so all products should be handled carefully by experienced adults who have evaluated the risks with putting on their own show. You can check out what your state laws may be on the American Pyrotechnics Association website. You can also find tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on how to prevent fireworks injuries in MainStreet’s safety roundup. Photo Credit: Getty Images