The Best Daily Deal Sites

The Explosion of Daily Deal Sites

Groupon may not have been the first daily deal site, but ever since it launched in late 2008, Groupon has proved successful enough to make the idea of a deal site hip to tech savvy consumers (and investors). Countless sites have since followed in Groupon’s footsteps, launching deal destinations that feature select promotions each day, often targeted to specific parts of the country, and usually accompanied by a clock counting down somewhere on the page until the deal is no longer available. Some have questioned whether Groupon – and the daily deal market as a whole – may be part of a tech bubble that will soon burst, but for the time being, the bounty of daily deal sites makes it a good time to be a consumer. The bargains are everywhere, the only challenge is knowing where to look among the many sites out there. MainStreet has rounded up some of our favorite daily deal sites that cater to consumers interested in anything from travel promotions to gadgets, as well as those sites that offer good deals on just about everything. Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon