The Best Credit Card Rewards Deals

Great Credit Card Rewards Deals

The Credit Card Accountability, Reform and Disclosure (CARD) Act may have made it harder for many Americans to obtain credit, but it’s also allowed the credit elite to reap the most benefits. Issuers looking to attract individuals with credit scores around 750 or above constantly change their rewards program to stay competitive in the current economic climate. However, settling on a rewards card can be difficult, even if it’s under the best credit circumstances. After all, according to Gerri Detweiler of, these cards generally carry great higher annual percentage rates, annual fees and a contract full of fine print that isn’t always easy to comb through. Additionally, while consumers in the market for a good rewards program should generally seek out a program that offers more than 1% back on a certain category of purchases, Curtis Arnold, founder of, points out,  “there’s no single best rewards card, there’s only what’s best for you.” To help you find a card most suited to your lifestyle, MainStreet rounded up some great credit card rewards programs. Photo Credit: gingerpig2000