The Awesome Perks of Business Class

Flying the more than friendly skies

For most of the vacationing population, the business-class experience behind those curtains is a total mystery. Coach fliers assume it provides at least more legroom and a better sleeping position, but each airline has different ideas about what constitutes luxury, and so not all business-class sections are created equal. While it's pretty much impossible to estimate the price of an average business-class seat – which varies depending on carrier, route, type of aircraft, length of flight, time of year, day of week, place of purchase, etc. – a review of blogs and articles on the subject suggests that you can fly the friendly skies as a business traveler for about $3,000 to $5,000 for a long-haul flight, which is usually defined as six hours or more. That's often about five times the cost of a seat in coach, while a first-class ticket will tend to cost about 10 times more. Here we look at some of the best perks in the world of business-class travel, from ensuring you arrive prepared for your morning meeting (Malaysia Airlines' onboard printers) to luxury perks that have nothing to do with “business” at all (Singapore Airlines’ Givenchy tableware). Read on – we saved the best for last. Photo Credit: Global X