iFail: Apple's Biggest Losers

The End of Apple?

Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) has been on an extraordinary winning streak for most of the past decade. Ever since Apple introduced the first generation iPod in 2001, the company has not only dominated the technology market, but they’ve also set the market’s pace and direction. Earlier this week, it was announced that Apple had its best financial quarter ever. Much of this is due to the success of its existing products like the Mac personal computers (Apple sold 3.4 million of these in the past three months). However, the other secret to its success was the mysterious tablet, a device Apple previewed on Wednesday at a press conference. The tablet was meant to be the company’s crowning glory, but criticisms of the new device are already piling up, meaning it may very well end up landing on Apple’s long list of failures. Here are some of the most notable mistakes the company has made over the years. Photo Credit: powerbooktrance