America’s Favorite Insurance Companies

A Little Insurance Data

Those in the market for a new insurance policy might want to check out’s customer service rankings of the largest auto, home, life and health insurance issuers. To compile the rankings, surveyed more than 4,500 insurance customers between February and August 2011. Interviews focused on five categories – customer service, claims experience, value for the price paid, percentage of consumers who planned on renewing their policies and percentage of customers who would recommend their current providers – which were weighted and used to calculate a composite score for each issuer. (Note: While top companies by market share were included in the analysis, not all large companies were represented due to lack of data.) According to Amy Danise, senior managing editor for, the data illustrates a real inertia in the industry. “People would express that they were very dissatisfied with their insurer, but also say they planned to renew their policy,” she says. The data points on each slide address the total score, the overall star count (incorporating all five measurements), the star rating specifically based on customer service questions and the percent of customers who say they will renew with the same issuer. If the rankings are any indication, consumers don’t always have to settle. Read on to see if your current home, auto, life and health insurance provider made the top five in their respective categories, or to choose who you might want to consider switching to if they didn’t. Photo Credit: stallio