Amazing American Mega-Mansions

Super Size It: When Huge Just Isn’t Big Enough

During the go-go economic years of the early 2000s, mega-mansions became the real estate rage among America’s super rich. In June of 2008, there were at least 20 residences larger than 20,000 square feet in the works in Los Angeles alone. Today, in the aftermath of a major economic meltdown, it’s far more common for a wealthy individual to heave their supersized mega-mansion onto the market with a ballroom-sized asking price than it is for a bigger-is-better elite to build a 40,000 square-foot house. The good news for those looking to unload their hotel-sized homes is that there will always be wealthy people with the means and desire to buy lavish and unimaginably large homes complete with unnecessary luxuries like bowling alleys, beauty parlors, perfume refrigerators and underground garages for a fleet of luxury cars. Photo Credit: Jeff Milner