8 Ways to Ruin Your Online Reputation

Your Online Reputation, Your Self

Imagine being that lucky job applicant who gets the job only to have it snatched away by the seemingly harmless act of posting a message online. Online Reputation Management expert Andy Beal recalled a story that happened to a hapless California student whose boastful Twitter update about receiving a job at the tech giant Cisco led to a prompt retraction of the employment offer. Think of the Internet as a public space and your online persona as being subject to judgment as you would by simply walking down the street. With basic information like a full name or email address, employers can find a wealth of information about you on the Web that can be a blessing or a curse for your career prospects depending on how well you manage it. MainStreet lined up the most common mistakes that job-hunters should be aware of so they can make sure their virtual persona doesn’t sabotage their real-life job prospects. Photo Credit: cogdogblog