8 Things You Should Buy at Your Credit Card Bonus Mall

Add It Up

Before you make your next purchase, you might want to spend some time perusing your credit card’s cash-back bonus center. As we’ve previously reported, these online malls actually earn credit card companies a percentage of their sales, which tends to lead to some pretty stellar discounts for customers. Discover’s (Stock Quote: DFS) ShopDiscover bonus mall consistently offers the highest discounts and, according to Brian Meier, director of rewards marketing with Discover, the bonuses are not subject to any caps. Other issuers follow a similar model where the bonus centers serve as earning enhancers, not subject to the same caps that the card may otherwise be. For example, some issuers cap the amount of bonus cash you can earn by making purchases with your card, but the online mall has no bonus limit. They’re also a great place to find coupon codes and special offers from your favorite retailers. And while shipping and handling may influence cardholders to actually hit up a bricks-and-mortar store, there are certain product categories that are particularly lucrative when purchased through a bonus mall. There are also free shipping deals offered periodically that help you bypass potential surcharges. MainStreet rounded up some of the better – and more surprising – ones to check out. Photo Credit: Getty Images