8 Signs You Have a Bad Real Estate Agent

Signs You Need to Break Up With Your Real Estate Agent

It’s unfortunate when buyers and sellers get saddled with a self-involved agent who comes off as too busy to care, too arrogant to listen or too eager to coerce you into purchasing a home that you’re just not that into. Much like a quarterback competing in the season of a lifetime, buyers and sellers depend on their real estate agents to carry them to the playoffs, helping them reap the investment they’re after, or put their hard-earned cash toward the starter home of their dreams.  In today’s depressed market, it isn’t enough for an agent to be well-qualified—he or she has to be a creative problem-solver and resourceful to boot. Buyers and sellers are spending real dollars on this investment, and anything that falls through the cracks—including the all-important loan—can cost them dearly. If your agent seems disorganized, unprofessional or just makes you queasy, read on. Here are eight ways to tell if it’s time to put your house hunt on hold and shop for a new realtor instead. Photo Credit: Getty Images