8 Phone Calls That Will Save You Money

Haggler Calling

Shopping online is undoubtedly convenient, but there are times when picking up the phone can save you some cash or, at the very least, score you a nice upgrade. “Having that human element really helps,” says Laura Oliver, a deal expert who runs AFrugalChick.com and who has scored plenty of deals just by making a phone call. “If you call and it’s not working, hang up and call right back,” she advises. “The phone lines are on a queue. You’ve got 15 to 20 other people you can try.” She also points out it doesn’t have to be you who does the haggling for a better price. “You probably have someone in your house that’s your best negotiator,” Oliver says, advising consumers to let that person make the call. Read on to find out who you (or they) should be calling. Photo Credit: Getty Images