8 Great Charities That Feed the Hungry

Turning Dough Into Bread

The holidays are a time of giving, and while many people work some end-of-year giving into their holiday budgets, sometimes the money is best spent when it goes directly to the recipient’s stomach. Especially in a year in which holiday donations are expected to be flat, it’s even more important to ensure that every dollar given makes the biggest impact possible these days. Last week we looked at charities that specifically rely on end-of-year giving for the bulk of their philanthropy; this week, as families prepare to sit down to a table full of turkey, we take a look at the best national charities that feed people. It’s important to note that providing meals to those in need is a very localized effort – and indeed there are more than 100 top-rated charities on CharityNavigator.org that work on these efforts in specific cities or regions of the U.S. – so, check your local resources if you want to make sure your donations go to your neighbors in need by sorting CharityNavigator's list by city or state. Here, then, are the charities that know that the best way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. We focus on the five major national hunger-relief organizations, and then pick a few notable local efforts that scored highest on CharityNavigator’s combined scoring model. Photo Credit: Getty Images