8 Easy Ways to Build Your Family Tree

Family Tree

Most people have sat around the holiday dinner table, fascinated by Uncle Bert’s stories of the Vietnam War, or great grandma’s stories of going to work in an aircraft assembly plant during the war. Sometimes those stories arouse an interest in us to find out just who we are: Where did our families come from? Was there anyone famous in our family tree? It was those kinds of stories that intrigued a 10-year-old Daniel Hubbard, now a genealogist who lives in Libertyville, Ill., “My father’s two sisters were working on our family tree and they came over a lot and I got interested in the research,” says Hubbard. When Hubbard began researching, his options were limited to family stories, library and public records research. While those tools are still instrumental in building a family tree, there are literally hundreds of online tools that can help in your search. MainStreet put together a list of the eight best research tools you can use to help place those branches in the right spots and what they might cost you. Read on to fill in the blanks in your own family history. Photo Credit: Getty Images