7 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Keep Out!

For anyone who has seen those World’s Dumbest Criminals clip shows on late-night TV, it may come as no surprise that burglars aren’t always the smartest tools in the shed. But sometimes they don’t even have to be. Burglars most often enter a place through an unlocked door, says Craig L’Esperance, a detective for a Midwest law enforcement agency. Other times the home owners have a burglar alarm, but forget to set it when leaving the house, even for just a short amount of time. Those problems are easy enough to remedy, but what about the criminals who aren’t deterred by locks or alarms? L’Esperance is also the author of the thriller Terror from Within, which concerns a burglary crew that commits residential and commercial burglaries and describes how and why they pick their targets, and he and other experts weighed in on how homeowners can safeguard their possessions. Photo Credit: Elliott Brown