7 Things Car Dealers Want You to Buy

Dealers Want You to Buy, Buy, Buy

Car buyers might think the process ends when they shake the dealer’s hand and agree on a price, but as some shoppers would attest, the sales pitches only continue once you step in the dealer’s office to do the paperwork. Many dealerships want consumers to drive off the lot with additional services, insurance policies and other “protections” in tow. But much like dealer-installed car options that are available prior to purchase, these services are largely meant to boost the dealer’s personal income. “The dealer is trying to maximize the profit on each sale because they don’t make a lot of them,” Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for the car valuation site Kelley Blue Book tells MainStreet. To find out which add-ons are really worth the cost, MainStreet talked to the experts for their take on what to skip and what to buy. Here’s what they said. Photo Credit:  David Hilowitz