7 Steps to Achieving Financial Independence

Declare Your Independence

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—At the heart of the lively parades and fireworks extravaganzas each Fourth of July is a celebration of America's independent spirit. While our forefathers sought to break free from the tyranny of the British, many of today's Americans envision a different kind of liberation: financial independence. "Although it means different things to different people, we like to think of financial independence as the point at which an individual no longer has to work to sustain their chosen standard of living," says certified financial planner Tom Orecchio of Modera Wealth Management. Of course, before you start drafting that letter of resignation and picturing yourself lounging on a remote island in the Caribbean, keep in mind that unless you win the lottery, marry rich or inherit a large sum of money, independent wealth rarely happens overnight. Still, it can be achieved by making smart financial decisions in the years to come. To help get you on road to financial freedom, we asked several financial advisors around the country to share their top advice. Read on for seven crucial steps to follow along the way.