7 Great Niche Social Networks

Beyond Facebook: The Wide World of Social Networks

For many people, the phrase “social network” may be synonymous with Facebook, not just because of the movie with the same name, but also because it’s by far the most popular social site on the Web right now. Roughly 150 million people in the U.S. alone are now members of Facebook, or nearly half the total U.S. population. By comparison, just 16.4 million Americans use Twitter, one of Facebook’s main competitors. Perhaps most astounding of all is that 70% of Americans on Facebook actually log on to the site every single day, helping Facebook to pass Google as the website that users spend the most time on. But the overwhelming popularity of Facebook among people of all ages, regions, and walks of life, could end up being a double-edged sword for the company. As anyone who has seen The Social Network knows, the initial formula for Facebook was exclusivity, the idea that only a select group of people (in this case, college students) could join the site. Today, however, everyone and their mother can and most likely has signed up for Facebook, and they have probably tried to “friend” you too. Not only is this social network bigger and perhaps more chaotic than it once was, but just as importantly, being a member of Facebook ultimately says very little about you as an individual. To help you express that individuality, MainStreet rounded up a few of the best social networks that cater to people of all different interests, from photographers to pet owners. Photo Credit: Adriano Gasparri