7 Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job

Interview Moves That Cost You the Job

Given the choice, you’d probably pick a trip to the dentist over a job interview. Like a talent contest, you’re expected to wow the judges, not just with a showcase of career accomplishments, but with your flawless presentation and sparkling personality. In an interview you’re being judged in every sense of the word, which is why fine-tuning your non-verbal presentation is key, says Penelope Trunk, a popular blogger and CEO of the Brazen Careerist, a career management site. When you walk through that dream employer’s door, your job is to make him or her want to hire you above all else, and that means getting the recruiter to like you, and we mean really like you. Many people in the job hunt trenches fail to grasp this, using the interview instead as a platform to rattle off a laundry list of skills and achievements. While convincing an employer that you’re capable of rocking the job is certainly part of your mission, says Trunk, “if you got the interview they already think you’re qualified,” so it behooves job-seekers to pay more attention—and often rein in—the subliminal and possibly hurtful messages they’re sending to prospective employers. Most of us know better than to go to an interview dressed provocatively, or to prattle on about hot-button topics like religion or politics, but according to a survey put out by CareerBuilder last year, “shifty eyes, reluctant smiles or fidgety limbs,” among other off-putting behaviors, “may be hurting [job-seekers’] chances of landing a job.” We’ve even heard toting a Razr cellphone to the interview cost the candidate the gig. To help you make the most of your job interviews going forward, we’ve highlighted some of the most common interview gaffes among  job-seekers and how to avoid making them when opportunity knocks. Photo Credit: Getty Images