7 Dead Brands Come Back to Life

Bankrupt Brands

More than anything, 2009 may go down in history books as the year when big brands and chains were forced to declare bankruptcy due to the bad economy. Many closed their doors entirely. Six flags, Eddie Bauer and Chrysler declared bankruptcy this year, just to name a few. Circuit City closed up shop completely. And there are already indications that more will follow suit next year. When a company goes bankrupt, there is usually a good chance that they will return after enduring some serious restructuring. But once a company is liquidated, it’s usually not such a good bet. The companies on this list were all liquidated and left for dead during the recession, only to make their way back into consumers’ homes by the end of this year. Often, the ownership changed, but the brand lived on. Here are their comeback stories. Photo Credit: Daquella manera